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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this considered a group plan?
With respect to your company, this is considered a group plan, so you have to offer the plan to all employees eligible within your company (full-time employees working at least 30 hours a week).


What is the minimum number of enrollees per company?
One (1) employees is all that is needed for participation however, sole proprietors are not allowed to participate. 

Can employees contribution be made pre-taxed?
If your company has a section 125 (premium only plan) in place you may be able to make your employee contribution on a pre-tax basis.


What benefits are offered?
ARHACare will be offering: 3 health plan options, 2 dental plan options, 1 vision plan, life insurance, disability insurance, accident Insurance, critical illness insurance and hospital “gap” insurance


How many plans can I offer my employees?
Your company can decide to offer as many of the benefit plans to meet your needs.

Can my company set their own contributions?

Your company can establish their own contributions, within guidelines of government regulations.


When do deductibles start over?
Deductibles reset every calendar year. So each January 1 each year, your deductible starts over.


Are there exclusions for pre-existing conditions?
There are no pre-existing condition exclusions.

How do my employees enroll or make ongoing changes into their plans?

Your employees will be able to enroll online or via call center or we can help map current benefit elections.


How will my company be billed?

Your company will be sent one consolidated bill for all plans 

How can a group leave the plan?
You can terminate your contract with the plan with a written notice 90 days in advance of the plan renewal.

How will members have access to information about their plans?

We create a custom website with detailed information and provider access. Please visit                   

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